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Are you ready to advance your car detailing career? Well, this is the place to begin! You can start learning the secrets, tips and techniques of car detailing in minutes from now.  We are introducing Car Detailing 101:  The Step by Step Guide to a Professional Detail. Our guide is perfect for every car enthusiast, driveway detailer, weekend warrior, and the professional detailer. We look forward to your journey through the auto detailing world!

Auto Detail

Benefits of Car Detailing

A vehicle’s appearance and condition of the exterior and interior ultimately determines the retail value, private party value and trade-in value.   The informative tips and techniques in this E-manual will provide knowledge to take control of a vehicles value.   Using the step by step detailing process throughout the E-manual, a car could be sold at or slightly below retail value.  

That’s not all detailing your vehicle yourself will provide…. Imagine the personal pride, satisfaction and comments from your family and friends that you’ll get from a self maintained vehicle.  This is now possible with the right knowledge, products, steps and techniques all put together in Car Detailing 101.

Car Detailing

Professional Car Care Tips

Do you know what all of us car care enthusiasts have in common?  There may be several answers to this question, but I think the main answer is clear…. We all love taking care of our cars and detailing them ourselves without the help of the local car wash.  With the right knowledge, tools and products every car care enthusiast can detail their cars with professional results. 

But without the knowledge of how to use these products and tools…. detailing yourself without the knowledge, and getting the results you want can be a tough task. With the required knowledge you can detail your own vehicle without spending hundreds down at the local car detail shop with results admired by all.

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“Car Detailing 101 provides tips and techniques used by professionals in the auto detailing industry!”

With our professional car detailing, Car Detailing 101 teaches you the advanced techniques of car detailing. Our manual will teach the tips and techniques used throughout the industry, and we will provide knowledge about much mores in-depth aspects of detailing car! If you’re interested, reach out to us. We worked intensely with Auto Detailing Tampa Bay, and they helped create this professional guide! They’ve been the professional car detailers in Tampa for years, and we are extremely excited they took the time to mentor us. Also, thank you to Lubbock Locksmith! They sponsored this site. You can visit their locksmith website at https://www.lubbocklocksmith.com!

  • Wash a vehicle with professional results.
  • Evaluate the car and determine its actual condition.
  • Choose the proper products for the car’s detail once the condition is determined.
  • Understand what contaminants attack a car’s painted finish, and to remove each contaminant that will result in a smooth shiny finish. Remove tree sap, acid rain, rail dust, surface rust and more.
  • Complete the basic wash process by cleaning and detailing the engine compartment and door jambs.
  • Buff and polish the exterior paint removing scratches and water spots with professional results without swirl or buffer marks.
  • Clean and detail a car’s interior using different products and techniques depending upon the car’s interior material and cleanliness.
  • Wax the exterior quickly and easily resulting in shine and protection, without staining or discoloring plastic moldings or other non-painted areas on the car.
  • Add the finishing touches that make the difference in an amateur detail and a professional detail.  This touches are; removing musty smell from the air vents, polishing wheels and rims, dressing or dying bumpers and moldings, dying stained carpets and upholstery, and more.
  • Apply a new car protection package to a new or used car.  This knowledge is worth hundreds, because many dealerships charge $200 to $300 for this protection.

Example: Applying Wax

Applying wax to the finish can be done by hand or by machine.  To apply wax by hand use a cloth wax applicator pad. For machine application use a orbital buffer or dual action buffer.  For best results, apply all waxes with an orbital buffer. We’ve found best results with this method.     

Paint Protection

Applying using and orbital/DA buffer: Start by applying the wax to the top surfaces first. Apply the wax to the pad on the orbital buffer. Dab the pad in several places on the finish so that the product can be spread evenly. Using the orbital to spread the wax evenly on the finish while working with a small area at a time. Continue to cover the top surfaces then repeat the process on the sides on the vehicle. Be sure not to miss any areas.

Applying by hand: Applying the wax by hand will take more time then using an orbital, but the application process similar. Apply the product to the cloth applicator and spread the wax evenly on the surface using a circular motion. Apply the wax to the top surfaces then the sides. If you drop the applicator pad replace it with a new one.